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Our maple syrup story

As a young immigrant, I arrived in Canada in 1995. Before coming to Canada I have never tasted maple syrup in my life. I was introduced to maple syrup one morning by my new Canadian friend who invited me to a restaurant for breakfast. As the waitress approached he ordered pancakes with maple syrup, since I have never tried that, I ordered it for myself too. As soon as I tasted it, I fell in love with that sweet liquid and since then I have always a bottle of maple syrup in my fridge.

Since I was hooked on maple syrup, I was buying it regularly and frequently. I noticed very soon after, even if it says on the label ‘Canada no1’ some of the syrup that I was buying didn’t tasted as good as those that I bought previously, so I decided to call a friend that had a sugar bush and was producing maple syrup. 

After I told him my story he explained to me that even if it says ‘Canada no1’ it might be best quality maple syrup, but it doesn’t mean that every bottle will taste the same, some provinces in Canada have higher norms like in Quebec where you have fpaq (federation of Quebec’s maple syrup producers) that ensures the quality of the product, it’s content in sugar that must be 66% brix and many other norms. So he told me maple syrup from Quebec is better and has higher and guaranteed standards, but that is not all even if you buy maple syrup from Quebec your syrup might taste sometimes different from time to time, he said. I asked him, how? He replied, because big bottling companies do not check or verify the taste and they mix all kinds of maple syrup together. 

You know I am a maple syrup producer and I know that maple trees sometimes can have parasites like tree buds, different microbiological defects like mold and fermentation and many other anomalies or just simply that some maple syrup producers didn’t take proper care during the production process like not cleaning properly the tubing or the equipment that was used for the production process.

I thanked my friend for giving me that information and hanged the phone. Now I was a lot more educated about maple syrup, I found smaller companies that verify the taste of every drum of maple syrup, who are buying only maple syrup from Quebec, had organic certification and all that at best price. 

With all this I was finally able to buy best quality and best tasting maple syrup every time without getting deceived.

Now that I resolved my maple syrup problem, I said to myself one day; why not make available what I considered the best maple syrup on the planet to the whole world and that is how my business adventure started.



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