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Maple Syrup CGC Canada


We ensure that our maple syrup exceeds by far maple syrup industry regulations and that our clients get best quality maple syrup available in the world at best price. All our products are 100% natural, free of GMOs, preservatives and artificial flavors. Quality, quality and quality are our priorities for our products and our service. 

We also care about environmental impact and prefer to do business with sustainable and eco-friendly producers. Did you know that we are the only place in the world where our maple syrup is systematically inspected and classified by independent firm that belongs to a government? It’s (fpaq) federation of Quebec maple syrup producers that tastes, grades, inspects and approves the brix degree and the product itself. 

All that without forgetting Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspection and that is not all, we inspect also every maple syrup drum before bottling; for its taste and quality to ensure one last time that our clients get the best product possible.


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